Daughter and grandaughter of painters, Caline de Gasquet was born and raised in the french countryside near Aix-en-Provence, the fragant, color-drenched region that Cezanne lovingly rendered in dozens of paintings.


Caline spent the first years of her career creating fabrics for home decoration, bed linen and children's clothing produced by several major french compagnies.


For the next several years Caline's life transported her to Africa (Tunisia, Algeria), Tahiti and New Caledonia. Living in these exotic environments provided the extraordinary visual stimulation, the native people, the bright colors, and the vivid natural surroundings that inspired her to begin painting.


Caline's still lifes, portraits and interior scene have a naïve frechness rendered with a Matisse-like approach. Prefering to often work on large canvasses, she reaches beyond the reality of the subject before her, puting her personnal interpretation and "Joie de vivre" into what she is painting.


After living and working thirty years in Paris, where she exhibited her paintings and scultures, she moved in 2004 back to her roots in Aix-en-Provence keeping a foot in the french capital which allows her to exhibit in both places. Presently she travels extensively to keep on getting inspiration for her creations.